29 May 2012



helloooooo people! since i haven't post for days, now I'm just gonna share some photos i took 2 days ago.....
my NEW fedora :D
the lace details

 1&2. so, a few weeks ago i bought a fedora, my first ever fedora. finally i bought it! it's from Esprit for Rp75000 (about $7), i was really glad i found it, because a few months ago i almost bought a fedora from F21 for about $20 -_-

3. my neon nails :)

4. a silly photo of me 

5. some nail polish from The Face Shop that i bought a few weeks ago

thank you for reading xx

03 May 2012


this time, i'm gonna post all about neon,

i'm madly in love with this! <3

(source : weheartit.com)

i love all the things above (of course)! those are not mine, but soon, hopefully :D

27 April 2012

denim and dress

yello all! i'm just gonna post another outfit photos..

white dress - BCBGeneration
denim jacket - from my mom's closet:)
sneakers - converse
rings necklace

photo credit: Bryan Aditya

21 April 2012

Photo Booth : Runt and me :)

hi guys! soo, this is my dog, he's a poodle, called Runt :) i've been with him for almost 4 years. he's such a cute, energetic, noisy, spoiled, friendly (sometimes), and lovable dog. my family loves him, and he loves us too. but he also has some bad attitude like peeing wherever he wants, and doing everything that makes my mom gets crazy, he really likes to do it. but he also has done so many things to make us happy, like the way he welcomes me when i get back from school, and makes cute faces. he's such a good dog, good friend, and a good family member....
love you Runt <3

and thanks for reading :) xoxo